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Our DJs are:

Mary Of The Heartland
Mary's wanderlust has taken her to Missouri, Arizona and, now, to Eugene, Oregon where she has declared to finally be home.  "So this is what it feels like to be where you belong? I love it!" 

Along the way, she added to her brood for a total of 3 kids: Connor, Kat and Jack, each of whom contribute to her playlist during her shift on Sunday afternoon.  Love of music is a family affair.

When she's not playing taxi for two teenagers, she can be found hiking around local waterfalls, whale-watching on the Oregon Coast, rafting in the McKenzie Wilderness or playing ice hockey. 

And did she tell you about taking college classes?  Yep, she's finally working on a degree.  At her current pace, she should be getting that in 2028-ish.  

"Captain" Steve
Steve Bridges is the current owner of KCJJ-AM (1630) in Coralville.  You know him as Captain Steve
Of the KCJJ Morning Show.  Steve is the former minority owner of the original KFMH-FM (99.7), on air personality at various other stations KSTT, KXEL, KJJY, KLEU, and KWPC.  After Many years of hearing, 
"We miss KFMH".  Steve and current partner Tom Suter decided to do a reunion show in hopes of raising enough funds to bring KFMH back.  Fast forward a bit and walla.....99pluskfmh was born and is now hosted on Tune-in Radio and can be heard world wide on any internet device.  Tune and listen to Captain daily on KCJJ or Saturday nights for the "Bluez Zone".

Jim Hunter

Jim worked at the original KFMH from 1990 to its unceremonious demise in 1994. He spent another 12 years in radio until being unceremoniously downsized in 2007. Now he anchors the afternoon shift weekdays, hosts "And Now For Something Completely British" on Saturdays and "Stoned On Sunday" on, well, you know. With four grown daughters, four grandkids and two ex wives, he vows that his relationship status is "retired." His continuing love for his family, music, reading, the Cubs and Packers occupy most of his time nowadays.  Oh, and he thinks KFMH listeners are not only the most intelligent people on the planet, but they're good looking and smell nice.

Roberto Nache
Monday thru Friday night expect to catch me (Roberto) playing songs I remember as a faithful listener in the early 99PLUS days plus new music that your new PIRATE RADIO is now offering!

In the early 80's KFMH made greater efforts to separate themselves from the rest of the FM radio dial with Kerry Peace creating and hosting Off the Beaten Track which presented Alternative and Punk rock not heard anywhere else.  Sunday Evenings just after 7PM, I am the current host of this great show. I saw this quote "Cast not your pearls to the swines" and i feel that is why OTBT was created and I continue to play music for those who will not reject it for listening and having an open mind. 
I enjoy quotes and I leave you with this:  "You create a community with music, not just at concerts but by talking about it with your friends." David Byrne


Tom Maicke
A native of the Chicagoland area, Tom Maicke started with KFMH in 1990 doing weekend overnights while attending St. Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa.  After he graduated in 1992, Tom took over the evening air-shift at The Plus and would have never left, if wasn’t for that fateful day in March of 1994. Soon after KFMH closed its doors, Tom worked part-time at Power 98.9 in Rock Island…a job that has left scars on Tom’s soul until this very day.  Less than a year later, after going insane from Top-40 madness, Tom went back to work for Captain Steve on his new AM station in Iowa City, 1560 (now 1630) KCJJ.  There, Tom was the afternoon news anchor and Production Manager.   In 1997, Tom left KCJJ, married his beautiful wife Lisa and moved back to the Chicagoland area where he is currently a Union Electrician. 

In addition to doing the weekend morning show, Tom is also the Program Director for KFMH.  “I couldn’t be more proud than to be a part of the resurrection of one of the most legendary radio stations in the country.  20-years-ago, we were the station that turned our listeners on to the cool new music that nobody else would play because it wasn’t ‘popular’.  Since we returned, I’ve had people tell me that back in the day, KFMH turned them on to bands like The Clash and The Replacement’s …how cool it that?!  It’s my goal to continue that Pirate Radio tradition well into the future on”